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One 4 Your Archives: "Ludacris: Hits & Otha Shit!" (may '02)

while digging up records to use for Eargasms 4, i came across a few old mixtapes of mine from a few years back. this one has sort of a story behind it, so grab a chair and enjoy...

may '02. i had just learned that Ludacris had been selected to be one of the opening acts on Eminem's Anger Management Tour which was to begin in Buffalo on my birthday (July 18th, 2002)

being the forward thinker that i'm capable of being i asked myself the question "hmmm, what would be a great opportunity to create some buzz around yourself as the DJ for one of the most popular artists in hip-hop?"

myself said, "yo, you should do a mixtape centered around Ludacris' hit records PLUS all his hot guest appearances from other folks records that he's been on at the time. if you feature a couple brand new records from the upcoming Disturbing Tha Peace "Golden Grain" album that isn't scheduled to come out until September '02 and just do your normal thug thizzle on the tables, there's no way that folks outside of Atlanta won't know who the hell Jaycee is and that should help establish you as THAT NEXT NIGGA on the wheels".

Atlanta pretty much already knew of me due to my having pretty much the dopest radio mixshow for a few years on v103, plus there wasn't a club in the city that i HADN'T torn down so the world was about to be my oyster...

sounds good in theory right?

well here's where i began learning that being blessed with way above average skills on the tables really doesn't mean shit if you don't have the right people in your corner to help you navigate through the politics and BULLSHIT of this industry...

my roadblock: Paul Rosenberg (Eminem's manager/guy in charge of what could and could not be sold on Eminem's tour).

when the tour began i was told that i couldn't sell my cd during the tour because Green Lantern (Em's DJ at the time) was the only DJ allowed to sell mixtapes on this 3 month run. trust and believe i tried every imaginable way to sling this mix during the tour but having tour security threaten to confiscate my shit at every other venue just became too much of a headache so i began giving them away. i figured you can't beat getting a FREE mixtape, especially if it's actually good so i gave away HUNDREDS of these joints in every city. artwork was never done for it which is a whole nother story in itself that isn't too flattering towards the people involved but i'ma save that one for my book, lol...
at any rate, here's the tracklisting for it. 

DJ Jaycee presents Ludacris: Hits & Otha Shit! (done in May 2002)

1. Intro/Phat Rabbit
2. What's Your Fantasy
3. Imagination (remix)  Tamia
4. What Means The World To You  Cam'Ron feat. UGK, Ludacris, Trina
5. Roll Out
6. Get It Right  Dutch & Spade feat. Ludacris
7. Go To Sleep
8. Stick Em' Up
9. Welcome To Atlanta
10. One Minute Man
11. Souther Hospitality
12. Jaycee Scratch Break
13. Get The Hell On With That  Fat Joe feat. Ludacris
14. Area Codes
15. Ho
16. Fatty Girl  Ludacris, Keith Murray, LL Cool J
17. U Don't Have To Call (remix)   Usher feat. Ludacris
18. Peaches & Cream (remix)  112 feat. Ludacris
19. Saturdays
20. Break Somethin'  Disturbing Tha Peace (Ludacris, I-20, Shawna, Tity Boi)
21. Dis Bitch Dat Ho  Project Pat feat. Ludacris
22. She Said
23. Catch Up
24. Bia Bia
25. Coming To America
26. That's How I Get Down   Ginuwine feat. Ludacris
27. Why Don't We Fall In Love   Amerie feat. Ludacris

one final humorous note. if you ever wondered why i never say anything on any of my mixes now, THIS mixtape is the reason. i understand the whole logic of shameless self promo and shouting folk out but that was something i was never comfortable with because i think my "mixtape DJ" voice is kinda corny lol...

oh yeah, leave comments you heathens. that was another reason i started this blogspot shit...

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roll out....

"white people... aww shit"
great mixtape
lol but that shit cracks me up everytime