Saturday, April 5, 2008

One 4 Your Archives: Jaycee "Old To Tha New: Puma All Star Weekend '06 Mixtape" (original version)"

damn, ya boy is on some kind of a roll posting mixes today so here's another one that i came across while digging thru some old records at the crib.

of course i have a story...

3 weeks before All Star Weekend '06 (Houston) and i got asked by Sue Cocca at Puma to do a mixtape to celebrate the re-release of the Puma "Clyde" sneaker that was popular back in the day. i say "cool" since i'd never really had a mixtape out during one of these popular sporting weekends (super bowl, pro bowl, etc...) to be able to give to people. the prerequisite for doing the mix was that i had to feature joints on it that were hot in the era that Walt Frazier played (the 70's) and then since Ludacris was featured in a new Puma campaign around the sneaker, feature joints from the current era of hip-hop hence the title "Old To Tha New". a new DTP album had just come out in November '05 and there were four songs on it that the label heads were trying to get people familiar with which were Shawnna's "Gettin' Some Head", Playaz Circle's "U Can Believe It feat. Ludacris, Shareefa's "I'll Be Around" and a joint by Norfclk that i can't recall the name of to save my life.

now, i could've decided to take the easy way out and be like "aight i'm gonna do 15 minutes of classics and then slap the DTP shit on there" and voila, you have an instant mixtape. but nah, since it was my first "industry" joint i wanted to be ambitious, thinking "yeah i'll do a full blown 80 minutes of mixing and go beyond the call of duty by including songs on it that were poppin in other parts of the country". after all, the whole country was gonna descend on Houston in a couple weeks and 9 times outta 10 at a event like All Star Weekend, if someone hands you a mixtape you at least wanna see some joints on it that you're familiar with right? otherwise it might as well have a pile of shit attached to it, lol...

so i went to Patchwerk Studios and knocked the mix out really quick. drops by Walt Frazier and Ludacris were gonna be added in post-production but even without drops on it i was happy as hell with it and i was like "YEAH, i'm finally gonna have a joint that people are gonna look at and bump during the weekend and then i'm gonna be a big DJ star afterwards!!!" 

yes i'm laughing too...

things didn't quite pan out the way i intended. i turned this joint in for approval at DTP and a couple folks were quite upset, none of whom were Chris Bridges. apparently, even though i had the 4 joints that were label priorities on the mix, i was told that there wasn't "enough DTP stuff on the mix and too much other bullshit was included" so i had to go back and do it over. 

think i was happy about that?

of course i wasn't but i did it over anyway. Walt Frazier never did his drops and the drops that Ludacris did sounded very uninspired, as if he'd rather have been doing something other than drops over the phone for a mixtape so that isn't the version that i'm featuring here. no talking, just mixing. as i was listening to this while cleaning up around the crib i remember my drunken blunted mindstate while in the studio doing it and it was clear that i was really having fun. sounds like it too, enjoy listening...

Puma All-Star Weekend '06 Mixtape OG Version


Anonymous said...

Ummm Can I get that mixtape? After reading all that.. (I'd like to be rewarded for my efforts!) sounds good!

I click....NOTHING!!

What's up with that Jaycee??


Anonymous said...

what up homie,

now i can get up with ya without get a myspace account... what took ya so long... hahaha

mr. z