Saturday, April 5, 2008

One 4 Your Archives: "Deja Vu" Jaycee & Don Cannon (hosted by Pharrell, summer '06)

i'm really proud of this mixtape and it happened very spontaneously. i was hanging out at the studio with Cannon listening to some new music. next thing you know, record mode!!! voila... 

a few of the songs featured on this mix went on to be HUGE hits, others not so much but overall this is a pretty good joint that you can ride out to without skipping through. Cannon and Pharrell are pretty much the voices throughout the whole affair as i pretty much choose only to speak on tapes with my hands (ala Terminator X)

the tracklisting is featured in the zip file contained and i don't feel like typing it out. call me lazy but oh well, this is good music. fair exchange...

here u go y'all:

gimme a few moments to get the kinks and quirks worked out and then i'll have it so that all u gotta do is click the link and then BAM!

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Anonymous said...

This s one of the best R&B mix/blend tapes i ever got nd i wa spiseed that it got deleted from my itues when my hard drive failed, god look on the link.