Saturday, June 28, 2008

me clowning during soundcheck...

normally soundcheck isn't that much fun of a task. i'm not really that fond of playing the "hurry up and wait" game with sound crews that don't have their shit together. DJ's who tour regularly know what i speak of: when "they" (sound crews) demand that you be at the venue at a very specific time and then once you get there, the equipment isn't even set up, forcing you to wait around and twiddle your fucking thumbs because of their incompetence, cutting into your personal time that you could be out copping some ill sneaks or records, or doing uh, yaddadamean???

but every now and then you run into a crew that is so on point (the Dub Car Show 2008 peeps) that soundcheck is fun. like today for instance in Chicago. today was one of those days where i had to break out the turntable cam.

peep me "needle dropping" and cutting up breaks, clearly having a good time. and that my friends, is part of what touring life is all about...


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