Saturday, May 10, 2008

the Nike Mariah (I NEED THESE!!! part 3)

this sneaker may not look like much to y'all but the significance to me is that this was a fly ass (and super lightweight) running shoe that i used to drool over and covet. guess i should give my fath, uh mom's sperm donor a little credit, for it was he that first made me take an interest in having fly sneakers.

just like i now take pride in having multiple fresh pairs of 1's and J's and Dunks or Gucci high tops laying around the crib for various occasions, he used to have a couple pairs of Nike Mariahs laying around to run road races and marathons in, a couple pair to cut the yard in, or a fresh pair to drive around the city and holla at broads in, lol.

i guess you could say that although we're totally different people (cause his personal style at times was kinda ehhh...), we're sorta the same haha...

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stev22 said...

Just a little while will be worth the wait.