Thursday, August 14, 2008

my new single, "Headlights! (adjust them beams)"

i found the intro to this joint a few weeks back while doin' a little diggin and the shit was so hilarious to me that i just had to use it for something. so last Friday night, Apple Jac and I were having a impromptu turntable session and i started cutting the "adjust them beams" phrase and we just kept crackin the fuck up. next thing you know, the MPC was turned on and the result of that is what you now hear.

"Headlights! (Adjust Them Beams)" by The Sheckniculous Scissors Orchestra (Jaycee & Apple Jac)

side note: chick in photo is random, but i sho' would adjust them beams, lol...

1 comment:

melrose said...

Seconds 23-28 are hilarious. And even more so if you loop them over and over. "Yes I do...Oooh weee...sure would love to ADJUST DEM BEAMS!" LOL.